A blustery day at Torres Del Paine

Chile's Torres Del Paine has to be one of the most breathtaking national park areas in the world.

Encompassing majestic mountain ranges, glittering glaciers, icy lakes and forests of spiky indigenous trees, you can't move a metre in this spectacular setting without discovering another jaw-dropping vista.

As well as being home to some incredible natural wonders, this Patagonian wilderness is also home to some mighty variable weather. The saying goes that you can experience all four seasons within a single day, in this part of the world.

Out hiking one afternoon, we discovered this includes gale-force winds, which got up to around 100km (or 62 miles) an hour. 

This short video of our blustery experience was made on my phone, so it's not perfect - but it does give a good idea of what it felt like walking through the gale: pretty unsteady!