A Delhi rickshaw tour

The hustle and bustle of Old Delhi can be overwhelming - with stall owners coming at you from all directions, pressing their wares: fresh sweet mango juice, reams of silk, henna hand painting and bright green parrots. 

The best way to get an overview of these winding old streets, with their tightly-packed alleys of shops and wild webs of electric cable swinging perilously overhead, is to hire a rickshaw.

These traditional, pedal-powered carriages throng the streets, competing or space with motorbikes and the occasional car.

As a passenger, it's pretty toasty as there's obviously no air conditioning (although count yourself lucky you're not the one pedalling!) and it can be slow-going; traffic jams in these one-track lanes are common.

But you get to see around and pick up the vibe much more speedily than walking, and your toes are in less danger from passing motorcyclists.