Buenos Aires - the adventure begins!

Quitting jobs, clearing out the apartment, putting belongings in storage and saying farewell to friends: it was a hectic and emotional few weeks, as Joe and I packed up our lives in Dubai to head off on the long-awaited 'Great Adventure'.

In a move that is arguably slightly crazy for two 30-something-year-olds who are just getting comfortable on the career ladder, we are taking 10 months out to explore South and Central America, and hopefully South East Asia as well, depending on how the budget lasts. 

This is a decision that has divided opinion: some people are impressed and eager to come out and join us en route; others concerned about us spending all our savings, and how easily we'll be able to return to the workforce. But, for better or worse, this is what we're doing: after all, you only live once!

As journalists, we'll both be writing, photographing and podcasting like mad the whole way round, and hope some of you will share in our adventures via our respective websites.

Our first stop - where we're staying for a whole month - is the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, a city of history, culture, tango, fabulous wine and beautiful beef!

So, without further ado, here's my first ever Taylor Travels podcast: explaining our plans and route, and getting an insight into the fabulous city courtesy of the extremely well-versed concierge at Palacio Duhau - Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, Valeria Brauer.

We were lucky enough to spend our first couple of nights at this property - a fabulous building, previously the palatial home of the French family Duhau, built in 1934 and renovated extensively by Hyatt before opening to guests in 2006. The gallery below shows a few highlights. It was a superb hotel experience - and one that's going to make it that much harder for me to drop my Dubai standards and don my 'backpacker on a shoe-string' hat next month... (Is it wrong to take hair straighteners travelling?!)

Until next time - Ciao, amigos!