Hong Kong and Macau with The Travel Show

If Paris is the Grande Dame of tourist destinations, then Hong Kong is arguably the Fille Arriviste: the modern girl trying to have it all.

By turns glamorous and sassy, demure and shy, this is a city of different sides. Yes, there's the luxury of high-end fashion brands, big cars, sumptuous hotels and new money; but there's also the clutter, noise, spirituality and parsimony of old China.

And although these two co-habiting cultures meld appealingly in the streets and styles of Hong Kong, they sit less comfortably when it comes to government. 

HK has coasted by under a 'one country, two systems' policy since Britain handed it back to China in 1997; but now, increasing influence from Beijing is being met with argument, frustration and even aggression.

This destination may be treading a tricky line between east and west; but it's that juxtaposition, those different characteristics, that so many visitors fall in love with.